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Comprehensive service packages available to include digital x-ray, EKG, holter monitor, bone density & ultrasoud available.

All FAPXP provider members are licensed as Health Care Clinics in accordance to Florida Law.


Skilled Nursing Facilities. Extensive facility billing and PPS background.

Assisted Living Facilities.

State and County Correctional Facilities

Sports Teams

Home Health Agencies


Private Physician offices in need of in-home services for their non-ambulatory patients

And countless other institutions and programs requiring mobile diagnostic services

Statewide coverage enables one contract for jointly managed facilities.

One contact, one contract concept available for statewide coverage assures uniformity in service and billing.

Procedures interpretated by board certified Radiologists and Cardiologists.

All technologists are professionally trained, ARRT registered and licensed appropriately by the state.

Medicare and Medicaid Providers; most major insurance accepted.

24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week availability.

State-of-the-art digital imaging systems utilized

Same day delivery or instant online access to images and reports, an absoulte must for orthopedic offices and hospital trauma centers in receipt.

All technologists monitored at each site for professional appearance and behavior.

All sites monitored for HIPPA compliance.

Local offices most areas ensure prompt personalized attention.

Local billing contacts available most areas ensure prompt assistance with your billing inquiries.

DSSI Ready

EMR Ready

FAPXP field representatives available statewide ensure consistancy in operations and user friendly operations.

FAPXP Afffiliations...

FHCA (AMSC-"Good Guys")


America Medical Association



...allows secure access to films and reports on-line from any PC. a unique alliance between independent portable x-ray providers within the State of Florida and beyond.

...was established to provide quality, mobile diagnostic services to facilities in the State of Florida at a corporate level.
. comprised of independently owned and operated portable x-ray providers which, are completely dedicated to providing quality medical care and excellent service.